Schedule and Pricing

Comino Ferries Co-Op provides round trip service from Marfa and Cirkewwa, Malta to the Blue Lagoon, Comino on a daily basis. The trip takes approximately 25 minutes to Comino and 35 minutes return.

You can continue your journey to Gozo from Comino. Tickets are the same, but you must confirm with management at the ticket booth to confirm availability and departure times, shown below.

In winter, typically from 1st December to 15th March, our ferry service runs on a much reduced and need-to basis only, due to both a drastic reduction in trip requirements as affected by winter storms and other weather conditions.  As such, it is always best to contact us directly to confirm the ferry schedule for a particular day.  Pricing per person, as well, is affected, due to the reduction in passengers.

Click if you are planning your summer vacation and would like to see our Summer Schedule, which is typically from 16th March until 30th November.

Winter Timetable
Departure from Cirkewwa to Comino Departure from Blue Lagoon to Malta
10:00 10:30
11:00 11:30
12:00 12:30
13:00 13:30
14:00 14:30
15:00 15:30
Departure from Blue Lagoon to Gozo
12:15 You can return from Gozo to Malta using the regular Gozo Channel ferry, which provides 24 hour service. The ticket can be purchased in Gozo, typically for €4.65.
Winter Pricing
Adults, Round Trip Children, 5-12 year old Children under 5
€ 15 € 5 Free




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